Making the world a bit greener with 1000 trees!

We are delighted to announce that through our green party bags initiative, we have officially sent 1,000 tree saplings off to be planted in local backyards, schools, and community spaces. 

Treetops first started running parties back in 2018 and we decided that rather than giving away low value plastic toys, we'd offer a greener party bag alternative with a tree sapling!

The trees not only help us do our part in reducing our carbon footprint, but are a wonderful way for our party guests to think about the lifecyle of a tree and connect with nature and leave a positive impact. 

Our party trees are ‘Scots Pine’ saplings – a resilient species that supports a vast number of insects and wildlife. The young saplings are then cultivated onsite by  Tom, who is the green-fingered Manager at Treetop Trek Manchester, ready for planting and providing a living gift for years to come.  

Long-standing Treetop fans might recall that we previously used a variety of native trees, however a very naughty squirrel once ransacked our sapling supply of hazel trees (!) so we decided to make the switch to the more hardy Scots Pine, which is very hardy and has fantastic benefits for our natural ecology. 

Our trees are nurtured on site and children can take them home in our eco plant pots, which are made from cardboard. 

If you'd like to find out more about our Treetop Parties, please head over to our Parties page. A treetop party is a brilliant way to celebrate outdoors with your friends!