Visit Treetop Nets & Treetop Trek this autumn

Autumn has crept up on us pretty quickly this year, but that’s not to say the fun activities we associate with summer should stop here! At Treetop Nets, we have one of the most thrilling and adventurous days out imaginable, and we’re still welcoming your monkeys into the trees throughout Autumn and winter. 

It will lift those back-to-school blues! After the excitement of the summer holidays has died down and the kids have gone back to school, they often need a fun day out at the weekend to perk them up a bit. Autumn is a beautiful time to get outdoors in the tree canopy so treat your family to a fabulous day up in the trees!

We offer one of the most exciting and unique days out in the UK! There’s nothing else quite like boucning in the high trees at Treetop Nets or treking through the beautiful autumn woodland , so if you’ve not yet experienced it, why not?!  We can’t wait to see you soon at our Windmere, Manchester or Ripon sites. 

Book your Treetop  adventure this autumn.