Relax from your studies with the help of Treetop Nets

If you’re feeling stressed and worked up with revision for upcoming exams or course assignments, why not let off some steam by bouncing around Treetop Nets or climbing your way through Treetop Trek?

Many professionals who deal with stress and anxiety issues have been known to say that taking part in activities to make you feel childlike can be beneficial in lifting your mood. When we have fun, we relax and what better way to do both than to get high up and bounce in the trees?

Most people feel adventurous when taking part in outdoor activities and get a real sense of joy and release from stress, so if your studies and assignments are playing on your mind too much, taking a break could do you the world of good. Exercise is a known way to relieve anxiety and scientific research has more recently shown that your memory is boosted by exercise as well as your attention span. Removing yourself from your studies will help take your mind off your exams, which will make things easier for you once you return to revising feeling refreshed and energised.

Treetops has two different types of activities that are perfect for having some well-earned fun: Treetop Nets and Treetop Trek. Our Nets activity involves you bouncing around huge nets 12 metres off the ground in mature woodland canopies. It’s made up of giant trampolines, walkways, slides, and tunnels and is great fun for people of all ages.

Treetop Trek sees you weaving through trees at heights of up to 15m. With a variety of aerial obstacle challenges to tackle, including balance bars, swinging logs and Indiana bridges, it’s a great experience to focus the mind and clear your head. You can swing, climb, balance, and fly on our thrilling zips through the woodland canopy. What better way to take your mind away from your studies?

There are three Treetop Nets courses, one located in Ripon, one in Windermere and one in Manchester, with Treetop Trek also being at the Windermere and Manchester sites. A day playing up in the trees is guaranteed to take your mind off all upcoming exams, assignments and studies, so what are you waiting for? Book your tickets online today!