Make your party as green as the trees!

We are very keen to minimise waste. Here are some handy tips for making your Treetop celebration as green and plastic free as possible: 


We have a water fountain -  to avoid single use plastic water bottles, ask your guests to bring their own water bottles so they can refill them. If your children prefer juice, just bring a bottle of cordial. 

Wrap your party sandwiches in paper not cling film. 

Balloons are lovely but they’re not green. Our party area has lots of bunting and festoon lighting so we think the party feel is good enough without balloons! 

Ditch the plastic, throwaway party gifts. We have tree saplings for £3 each for a party gift that can last a lifetime! 

If you need party plates, try and find compostable cups and plates. Most kids are happy to use their fingers so leave out the plastic cutlery! 

For the adults, hot drinks are always welcome when waiting for children to do their activity, especially if the great British weather isn't quite playing along. We recommend bringing an old fashioned flask of tea and coffee. A good investment that will save lots of money in the long run as well as reduce waste. 

If you do have waste to dispose of, please use our recycling bins. 

Small things can make a BIG difference!