Family time is not only fun – it’s actually good for your health too!

Family time is golden. As we’re sure most of you will agree, there’s nothing more special than spending quality time laughing and making memories with those we love most. We all know how precious this time is to us, but did you know it’s beneficial to our children’s health and development as well? According to FED Health, providing a child with invaluable family time is just as important as them eating nutritiously and getting the right amount of exercise. Making the time to bond as a family will have more of an impact on young ones than you may think, whether it’s eating dinner together, reading stories before bedtime or having fantastic days out at places like Treetop Nets – spending lots of time together is essential. If you don’t spend as much time together as a family and provide less attention for your children, they will often find a way to catch your attention in other ways – perhaps through negative behaviour. The repercussions of this can affect them later in life, so making sure you allow for mindful interaction between yourself and your family will have a significantly positive influence on your child’s life. There’s nothing more heart-warming than hearing your kids laugh or feeling them give you a hug, so what are you waiting for? Schedule in some fun family time right away! You could play a board game one night after school, go for a walk in the countryside or even book yourself in for a day of delight high up in the Treetop Nets with us. Those memories don’t make themselves and it really can have the most positive effect on your children’s future. Book your Treetop adventure with us today. We look forward to seeing you in the Nets!