End the school year on a high with an unforgettable school trip!

Outdoor physical education doesn’t get much more exciting than adventuring in the high trees. Treetop Lake  District and Treetop Manchester are places where children can safely challenge themselves in the high trees, providing a great way to build important life skills such as teamwork and overcoming fear as well as having enormous fun in the treetops! With a choice of 2 fantastic all year round woodland adventures for groups, suitable for all key stages, we are  the perfect venue to take your classroom outdoors for an unforgettable adventure. 

We can accommodate very large groups and children of mixed ages and abilities, including children with additional learning or behavioural needs. We are big believers in the benefits of getting children outdoors all year round, rain or shine! We also offer additional teambuilding activities so please get in touch and we will discuss your requirements. Supervising Staff Go Free!

Find out more over on our schools page where you can view our leaflets online. 

Treetop Trek 

A spectacular woodland high ropes adventure where you can swing, climb, balance and zip your way through our aerial challenges! Reaching a jaw-dropping height of 15m, children will need to use their agility, balance and coordination as well as conquer fears and support each other to complete this highly rewarding course.  There are two treks to choose from: the Full Trek or the shorter, lower level, shorter Mini Trek. Both feature a combination of aerial obstacles and zip lines. 

Treetop Trek is a hugely exciting and confidence building activity which enables students to take part in an outdoor and adventurous activity which presents intellectual and physical challenges. They will be encouraged to work as a team, building on trust and will need to work together to help each other overcome fears and complete the course. The course will help children develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance as well as give them a chance to get active outdoors in the spectacular woodland. 

The Trek is a highly rewarding experience for all, particularly for children who find it more difficult. With the full support of our trained instructors and encouragement from peers and teachers, even the most fearful child will be able to enjoy and complete the trek. We will reward all participants with a certificate to take home. 

Supervising staff go Free

Supervision ratios apply. 

Treetop Nets

Our unique high nets enable children to adventure outdoors and have tremendous fun in the treetops and are suitable for children as young as 3 but amazing fun for all ages and a great venue to let students run wild and relax after a busy term at school.  

On our bouncy trampolines, walkways, slides and tunnels, all made of netting, you can safely explore the trees, reaching heights of up to 15m. As it is all enclosed within 4m net walls, there is no need for harnesses, making it suitable for all ages to enjoy an adventurous activity beneath a woodland canopy without needing any previous skills or experience. This highly active adventure is immense fun for everyone. 

Suitable for ALL KEY STAGES, Treetop Nets combines outdoor adventure with fun and play, helping children develop fitness, flexibility, strength and agility in our bouncy nets. Children will need to get used to the height and use their balance to stay upright and will use a lot of energy moving around the nets!  The Treetop Team will help coordinate games and activities, so you can make the most of your visit.  Being high in the trees is a great way to experience nature and observe the changing seasons as well as be active outdoors and have a tree-riffic time together!

Supervising staff go Free. 

Supervision ratios apply.