Hop on over to Treetop Nets for our Easter bunny hunt!

If you're after an Easter adventure with a difference, why not hop on over to Treetop Nets and take part in our aerial Easter Bunny hunt? We have hidden 20 wooden bunnies in the trees. If you can find them all, we will give our eco alternative to chocolate - some tree seedballs which you can plant and grow! 

The bunnies will be hiding from 1-19 April, throughout the Easter holidays, at  Windermere and Manchester. All participants at Treetop Nets can take part, just book as normal at www.treetoptrek.co.uk

To plant your Treebomb seedball, just place it in some loose soil, lightly water and leave the rest to nature!  The seeds are wrapped in clay, soil and charcoal, a combination that provides them with a complete habitat to germinate within. The use of seedballs also protects the seeds from predators such as mice, squirrels, rats and birds. 

Happy Tree-ster!!