10 Reasons to put Treetop Nets on your To Do List!

1. It will be the most memorable thing you'll do all holiday. It's like nothing else - giant bouncy nets, suspended high in the trees. 

2. You will feel AMAZING! Woods are proven to be good for the mind and soul - if you don't believe us, read this: https://www.outdoortribe.co.uk/woodlands-as-a-therapeutic-landscape/

3. It's good exercise. Walking on the nets is similar to walking in soft sand or deep snow - you will feel it the next day! They're also MASSIVE! You will cover a lot of distance. 

4. Everyone can do it together! It's brilliant fun with friends and starting at age 3, it's something families with younger children can do together. 

5. You will feel young again! At Treetop Nets, big kids become little kids. What better way to relax than bouncing around in the high trees or enjoying a spot of forest bathing? Lying in the soft nets, looking up at the trees is like being in a giant hammock!

6. You can reward yourselves afterwards with a BIG ice cream. Windermere and Manchester have cafes or ice cream vans nearby and Ripon has its own cafe, serving local Brymor Dairy ice cream. 

7. You will laugh your head off (well not literally, we hope) The nets are SO bouncy, we guarantee you won't be able to stay standing. Try a game of dodge ball in the big ball pad or zoom down our super slides. 

8. The tree-mendous view! You'll be able to enjoy a view usually reserved for squirrels and bats from the top of the trees! 

9. You can make a day of it. All our sites have plenty to offer nearby. Brockhole and Heaton Park have a a whole host of activities on site. Over in Yorkshire you can pop into the market town of Ripon or explore Fountain's Abbey. 

10. You are guaranteed a great night's sleep! Fresh air, exercise, outdoors, fun: Enough said!